Zabaione is a light whipped custard that works equally well as a dessert on its own or as a pastry filling. It has spread from Italy to the entire world under a variety of similar names. Traditionally paired with figs, today you can serve it with a variety of foods.

Cooking steps

Separate the Yolks!

Move the eggshell to catch the yolks and avoid the whites.

Slice the Vanilla Bean!

Trace the lines to slice up the Vanilla Bean.

Add the Ingredients!

Drag the ingredients into the large bowl. Match the pictures as they're revealed.

Stir the Zabaione!

Stir the Zabaione by dragging the spoon and staying on top of the moving outline. Match the speed and pattern!

Pour the Zabaione!

Tilt the container to pour the Zabaione. Don't pour too fast or you'll spill!

Top the Zabaione!

Click and hold the piping bag to top the Zabaione with whipped cream. Don't let go too soon or too late!