Crepes originated in Brittany, a region of northwest France, and were originally made with a meal similar to buckwheat called 'blintz'.

Cooking steps

Raid the Fridge!

Find everything on your list in the refrigerator before the time runs out. If you don't recognize something, wait until the hint bar fills up and click it to see an image of the food.

Crack an Egg!

Gently crack the egg on the side of the bowl, then quickly position the egg above the bowl. Don't crack too hard or you'll make a mess!

Add the Ingredients!

Click to add the ingredients into the blue bowl. Add the ingredients in the correct order by using the visual clues.

Stir the Crepes!

Trace the green lines to stir the ingredients together.

Dice the Tomato!

Trace the lines to dice up the Tomato.

Grate the Swiss!

Drag the Swiss left and right against the grater. Click the grater when indicated to clean off the food buildup.

Make Crepes!

Follow the steps to make Crepes.