Tandoori Chicken derives its name from the 'tandoor', which is the clay oven it was traditionally cooked in.

Cooking steps

Bake Masala!

Enter the correct baking temperature and press "On". Then press "Off" when the meter is in the dark green zone. Hit "Reset" if you enter the wrong temperature.

Grind the Food!

Click on the pestle when the meter is in the green zone to grind the food. Don't click when the meter is in the red or you'll make a mess.

Dice the Garlic!

Click the knife to dice up the Garlic.

Grate the Ginger!

Drag the Ginger left and right against the grater. Click the grater when indicated to clean off the food buildup.

Add the Ingredients!

Click to add the ingredients into the blue bowl. Add the ingredients in the correct order by using the visual clues.

Slice the Chicken!

Trace the lines to slice up the Chicken.

Marinate the Meat!

Drag the basting brush over the food to marinate the meat.

Grill the Chicken!

Place the Chicken on the grill, then turn and marinate when instructed. Remove the Chicken when it's done cooking. Don't leave it on too long or it will burn!