Sugar cookies are popular during Christmas and Halloween and are often give special shapes and decorations. Sugar cookie may be descended from the "jumble", a simple cookie flavored with anise, caraway seeds, or rosewater.

Cooking steps

Crack an Egg!

Gently crack the egg on the side of the bowl, then quickly position the egg above the bowl. Don't crack too hard or you'll make a mess!

Mix the Dough!

Following the scrolling instruction to mix the Dough.

Roll the Dough!

Move the rolling pin up-and-down and side-to-side until the dough is the right size.

Cut out Dough Shapes!

Click the dough to cut out shapes. Don't overlap cuts or go past the edge!

Bake the Sugar Cookies!

Press the correct baking temperature, then press "On". Press "Off" when the meter is in the green zone. Press "Reset" if you enter the wrong temperature.