Found in traditional urban restaurants in France, steak au poivre, or "pepper steak," relies on the black Indian spice for its pungent crust.

Cooking steps

Mash the Peppercorn!

Click the pestle when the power level is green to mash the Peppercorn.

Sift the Peppercorn!

Drag the sifter around to spread the Peppercorn.

Flip the Pepper Steak!

Trace the pan handle up to flip the Pepper Steak into the air. Watch for the shadow! Then drag the pan sideways to catch the falling Pepper Steak.

Cook the Pepper Cream Sauce!

Follow the scrolling instruction to cook the Pepper Cream Sauce. When the indicator ring is green, perform the correct action. Drag the slider to adjust the heat. Click the food or still spoon when indicated.

Stir the Pepper Cream Sauce!

Stir the Pepper Cream Sauce by dragging the spoon and staying on top of the moving outline. Match the speed and pattern!

Pour Pepper Cream Sauce!

Click and hold to pour Pepper Cream Sauce onto the steak. Don't let go too soon or too late!