In French the word 'souffle' translates to 'blown up'. However a Souffle Roulade is actually rolled up instead.

Cooking steps

Grate the Swiss!

Drag the Swiss left and right against the grater. Click the grater when indicated to clean off the food buildup.

Cook Souffle!

Follow the scrolling instruction to make Souffle. When the bottom indicator is green, perform the correct action. Grab the slider to adjust the heat. Click the food or still spoon when indicated.

Spread the Souffle!

Click and drag to cover the sheet with souffle.

Slice the Bell Peppers!

Trace the lines to slice up the Bell Peppers.

Fry the Bell Peppers!

Drag up on the pan handle to flip the Bell Peppers into the air. Watch for the shadow! Then grab the pan and catch the falling Bell Peppers.

Bake Souffle!

Enter the correct baking temperature and press "On". Then press "Off" when the meter is in the dark green zone. Hit "Reset" if you enter the wrong temperature.

Roll the Souffle!

Cover the souffle in bechanel, then add the peppers and roll it up!