"Scampi" is a type of lobster, a style of seafood preparation, and the culinary name for some types of crustaceans. Shrimp scampi as Americans know it became popular after World War II, along with a host of other Italian dishes.

Cooking steps

Wash the Rice!

Fill the pot with water to wash the Rice, then drain it.

Boil the Rice!

Drag the heat slider up or down to keep the food temperature in the green zone.

Peel the Shrimp!

Trace the lines to peel the Shrimp.

Chop the Garlic!

Click the knife to chop up the Garlic.

Chop the Parsley!

Click the knife to chop up the Parsley.


Click the garlic to add it first, then the other ingredients. Drag around the pan to keep the food moving. Click "Done" when you're finished.

Fry the Shrimp!

Drag the food into the pan. Turn the food twice. When it is golden brown, grab it and place it on the lower tray. Don't remove it too quickly!