Kung Pao chicken is a classic dish in Szechuan cuisine, originating in the Szechuan Province of center-western China. The dish is named after Ding Baozhen, a Qing Dynasty official. Ding was the governor of the Szechuan province. His title was Gong Bao, or palatial guardian. The name 'Kung Pao' chicken is derived from this title.

Cooking steps

Dice the Green Onion!

Click the knife to dice up the Green Onion.

Dice the Garlic!

Click the knife to dice up the Garlic.

Add the Ingredients!

Click to add the ingredients into the blue bowl. Add the ingredients in the correct order by using the visual clues.

Double Coat!

First dip the food in egg, then roll it around the coating.

Fry the Chicken!

Grab the food and drop it into the wok. Don't remove the food too quickly! Turn the food twice. When it is golden brown, grab it and place it on the lower tray.

Grate the Ginger!

Drag the Ginger left and right against the grater. Click the grater when indicated to clean off the food buildup.

Cook Kung Pao Chicken!

Follow the scrolling instruction to make Kung Pao Chicken. When the bottom indicator is green, perform the correct action. Grab the slider to adjust the heat. Click the food or still spoon when indicated.