Originally known as Chille Relleno, jalapeno poppers originated in the city of Puebla in Mexico.

Cooking steps

Slice the Jalapeno Pepper!

Trace the lines to slice up the Jalapeno Pepper.

Squeeze the Cheese!

Click and hold the pastry bag to squeeze out the cheese filling. Don't squeeze too much!

Crack an Egg!

Gently crack the egg on the side of the bowl, then quickly position the egg above the bowl. Don't crack too hard or you'll make a mess!

Double Coat!

First dip the food in egg, then roll it around the coating.

Deep Jalapeno Poppers!

Grab the food and drop it into the pot. Don't remove the food too quickly! Wait for the food to turn golden brown, then grab it and place it on the lower tray.