It is fascinating to think that average American eats 134 pounds of potatoes a year, or over 365 potatoes per person per year – that's an average of more than one potato a day!

Cooking steps

Peel the Potato!

Move the peeler from the top to the bottom to peel the Potato. Don't worry about the sides of the Potato, it will rotate after you peel the center.

Grate the Potato!

Drag the Potato left and right against the grater. Click the grater when indicated to clean off the food buildup.

Add the Ingredients!

Click and drag to add the ingredients into the red bowl. Add the ingredients in the correct order by using the visual clues.

Cook Hashbrowns!

Follow the scrolling instruction to make Hashbrowns. When the bottom indicator is green, perform the correct action. Grab the slider to adjust the heat. Click the food when indicated.