One of the oldest cookbooks in the world mentions "pasta and cheese casseroles" which may be the earliest mention of macaroni and cheese. Elbow macaroni is the most popular pasta for this dish in America, and has been for a long time. Thomas Jefferson even served it when he was President.

Cooking steps

Boil the Macaroni!

Drag the heat slider up or down to keep the food temperature in the green zone.

Strain the Macaroni!

Tilt the pot to strain the Macaroni. Don't tilt too fast or you'll spill.

Grate the Cheddar!

Drag the Cheddar left and right against the grater. Click the grater to clean it when too much food builds up.

Add the Ingredients!

Drag the ingredients into the large bowl. Match the pictures as they're revealed.

Knead the Macaroni & Cheese!

Trace the line to knead the Macaroni & Cheese.

Roll the Macaroni & Cheese into Balls!

Follow the arrows to roll the Macaroni & Cheese into balls.

Bread the Macaroni!

First dip the Macaroni in egg, then roll it around the coating.

Deep Fry Macaroni!

Grab the food and drop it into the pot. Wait for it to turn golden brown, then drag it to the lower tray. Don’t remove the food too quickly!