The croque-monsieur is a grilled ham & cheese sandwich popular in France. Add a fried egg on top and it becomes a croque-madame. "Croque", by the way, comes from the French word for "crunch".

Cooking steps

Slice the Gruyere!

Trace the lines to slice up the Gruyere.

Crack an Egg!

Gently crack the egg on the side of the bowl, then quickly position the egg above the bowl. Don't crack too hard or you'll make a mess!

Flip the Egg!

Trace the pan handle up to flip the Egg into the air. Watch for the shadow! Then drag the pan sideways to catch the falling Egg.

Slice the Bread!

Trace the lines to slice up the Bread.

Spread the Butter!

Drag the butter and spread it across the entire pan.

Fry the Bread!

Drag the food into the pan. Turn the food twice. When it is golden brown, grab it and place it on the lower tray. Don't remove it too quickly!

Catch the Croque-Madame!

Move the mouse to catch the Croque-Madame. Don't catch the wrong things.

Bake the Croque-Madame!

Press the correct baking temperature, then press "On". Press "Off" when the meter is in the green zone. Press "Reset" if you enter the wrong temperature.