Dissatisfied with the raw center of the pastries available at the time, a man named Hansen Gregory punched a hole in the center of one using a tin pepper box in 1847. Thus was born the modern doughnut.

Cooking steps

Mix the Batter!

Follow the steps to mix the Batter.

Roll the Dough!

Move the mouse horizontally and vertically to roll out the dough. Try to make the recommended vertical and horizontal size.

Cut out Dough Shapes!

Click the dough to cut out shapes. Don't let the cuts overlap!

Fry the Doughnuts!

Grab the food and drop it into the wok. Don't remove the food too quickly! Turn the food twice. When it is golden brown, grab it and place it on the lower tray.

Stir the Cream!

Trace the green lines to stir the ingredients together.

Fill the Food!

Click and hold the pastry bag to fill the food. Release the pastry bag when the meter is in the green.