What do you do when it's the end of the month and you've got some vegetables and cream left over? Mix it all together to make coleslaw! Though the dish is Irish in origin, the word "coleslaw" itself is adapted from a Dutch term for "cabbage salad".

Cooking steps

Chop the Cabbage!

Click the knife to chop up the Cabbage.

Peel the Carrot!

Move the peeler from the top to the bottom to peel the Carrot.

Chop the Carrot!

Click the knife to chop up the Carrot.

Dice the Onion!

Trace the lines to dice up the Onion.

Add the Ingredients!

Drag the ingredients into the large bowl. Match the pictures as they're revealed.

Mix the Coleslaw!

Trace the lines to mix the Coleslaw.