The first modern ice cream recipes arose in the 1700s on both sides of the Atlantic. Ice cream was the favorite not just of children, but of historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

Cooking steps

Crack an Egg!

Gently crack the egg on the side of the bowl, then quickly position the egg above the bowl. Don't crack too hard or you'll make a mess!

Slice the Vanilla Bean!

Trace the lines to slice up the Vanilla Bean.

Add the Ingredients!

Drag the ingredients into the large bowl. Match the pictures as they're revealed.

Stir the Ice Cream!

Stir the Ice Cream by dragging the spoon and staying on top of the moving outline. Match the speed and pattern!

Refrigerate the Ice Cream!

Fit the Ice Cream inside the fridge by rearranging items. The counter and shelf can hold food temporarily, but don't leave anything out! Some items can't hold others up.

Catch the Ice Cream!

Move the mouse to catch the Ice Cream. Don't catch the wrong things.