Barbecue sauce can taste different depending on where you are. In Europe, a barbecued dish will be marinated in a sort of vinaigrette. In Asia, a soy-based sauce is used. Different regions of the U.S. use tomato and vinegar sauces or a "dalmatian rub" of salt and pepper.

Cooking steps

Add the Ingredients!

Drag the ingredients into the large bowl. Match the pictures as they're revealed.

Whisk the Barbecue Sauce!

Drag the whisk in a circle to whisk the Barbecue Sauce. Keep it moving at the right speed.

Marinate the Chicken!

Drag the basting brush over the food to marinate the Chicken.

Refrigerate the Chicken!

Fit the Chicken inside the fridge by rearranging items. The counter and shelf can hold food temporarily, but don't leave anything out! Some items can't hold others up.

Grill the Chicken!

Place the Chicken on the grill, then turn and marinate when instructed. Remove the Chicken when it's done cooking. Don't leave it on too long or it will burn!