This tasty dessert was created in 1951 by Paul Blang at Brennan's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was named for Richard Foster, a friend of Owen Brennan's and New Orleans' Crime Commission chairman.

Cooking steps

Peel the Bananas!

Trace the lines to peel the Bananas.

Slice the Bananas!

Trace the lines to slice up the Bananas.

Spread the Butter!

Click and drag to spread the butter across the pan, and cover the entire pan.

Cook Bananas Foster!

Follow the scrolling instruction to make Bananas Foster. When the bottom indicator is green, perform the correct action. Grab the slider to adjust the heat. Click the food or still spoon when indicated.

Plate the Dish!

Memorize the food placement on the left plate. Then mimic the food placement on the right plate.